Customized glass-based Photonic Integrated Circuits / PLCs

Teem Photonics waveguide team is ready to assist you in converting your function requirements into a fully functionnal photonic circuit or PLC.

From basic circuit concept to chip prototyping, pigtailing and testing, Teem Photonics provides high-quality and integration-ready components, with a turn-around time as short as 4 weeks from layout completion to tape-out.

Our portfolio of on-chip building blocks (optical functions, see our brochure) can be combined to perfectly serve your optical integration projects over the whole transparency range of glass (400 – 2000 nm). These optical functions present specific qualities finding their roots in the ioNext technology: efficient coupling with optical fibers, very low insertion and return loss, excellent polarization behavior (no PDL, PM)… Moreover, the streamlined ioNext process flows allows attractive prototyping costs.

We can also customize for you components such as AWGs, WAFT interposers and other Photonics Integrated functions.

Alternatively, a Process Design Kit (PDK) for PIC/PLC manufacturing is available either upon request to Teem Photonics or through CMP services. Our PDK users are allowed to draw chip layouts that will be processed by Teem Photonics in a pure-play foundry approach.

Down along the product lifecycle, Teem Photonics offers photonic component production in volume thanks to its internal facilities and/or with the help of external packaging partners.

More details about our customized PIC/PLC platform can be found in the brochure below. 


PIC brochure

Building Blocks

  • Splitters and directional couplers
  • Star couplers
  • MUX/DEMUX (broadband, AWG…)
  • Spot size converters and surface-interacting waveguides
  • Polarizers
  • Bragg gratings

Waveguide Features

  • MFD from 3.4 µm to 10 µm, matched with optical fibers
  • Operating wavelengths from 400 to 2000 nm
  • Single-mode operation band up to 700 nm
  • Functions available for O, E, S, C, L, U Bands.

Assembly and Packaging

  • Chip pigtailing with any fiber type, fibre array format and connector type
  • Hybrid assembly based on UV-cured epoxy
  • Packaging design and manufacturing

Contact us for further information or custom designs.