Custom Glass Photonic Integrated Circuits

Teem Photonics offers a portfolio of on-chip building blocks (optical functions) that can be combined to perfectly fit our client requests over the whole transparency range of glass (400 – 2000 nm).

The optical functions present specific qualities finding their roots in the ioNext technology: efficient coupling with optical fibers, very low insertion and return loss, excellent polarization behavior (no PDL, PM)… All of them are available through a continuously updated Process Design Kit.

Teem Photonics accompanies its customers from their basic PIC concept down to pigtailing and packaging, to provide them with lab- or integration-ready components.

Discover all the details in the brochure below.


PIC brochure

Building Blocks

  • Splitters and directional couplers
  • Star couplers
  • MUX/DEMUX (broadband, AWG…)
  • Spot size converters and surface-interacting waveguides
  • Polarizers
  • Bragg gratings

Waveguide Features

  • MFD from 3 µm to 10 µm, matched with optical fibers
  • Operating wavelength from 400 to 2000 nm
  • Single-mode operation band up to 700 nm around λ=1 µm, few mode operation also possible

Assembly and Packaging

  • Chip pigtailing with any fiber type, fibre array format and connector type
  • Hybrid assembly based on UV-cured epoxy
  • Packaging design and manufacturing

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