Integrated optics publications

Teem Photonics appears at the forefront of innovation in multiple areas, both for the development
of novel optical solutions and for the enabling of new applications. This has led to multiple
key contribution from our team members, both for sub-ns lasers and ioNext solutions.

> A little piece of glass can change everything

PIC Magazine, Issue 3 – December 2016


> An affordable and easy-to-use interferometer with a dedicated acquisition system

W.-A. Merzouk, B. Cagneau, K. Hilouane, L. Chassagne and  F. Gardillou, IEEE Sensors Conf., Nov. 2016.


> Highly compact and easy-to-use optical chip interferometer with picometric performances

W. A. Merzouk, B. Cagneau, F. Gardillou, K. Hilouane, and L. Chassagne, Review of Scientific Instruments, Vol. 87, p. 103103, Sept. 2016.


> Hybrid integrated optical waveguides in glass for enhanced visible photoluminescence of nanoemitters

J. Beltran Madrigal, R. Tellez-Limon, F. Gardillou, D. Barbier, W. Geng, C. Couteau, R. Salas-Montiel, and S. Blaize, Applied Optics, Vol. 55, Issue 36, pp. 10263-10268 (2016).


> Novel multi-telescopes beam combiners for next generation instruments (FIRST/SUBARU)

G. Martin, T. Pugnat, F. Gardillou, C. Cassagnettes, D. Barbier, C. Guyot, J. Hauden, E. Huby, S. Lacour,  Proc. SPIE Vol. 9907, Optical and Infrared Interferometry and Imaging V; 990738, 26 July 2016.


> Adiabatic mode coupler on ion-exchanged waveguides for the efficient excitation of surface plasmon modes

J. Beltran Madrigal, M. Berthel, F. Gardillou, R. Tellez Limon, C. Couteau, D. Barbier, A. Drezet, R. Salas-Montiel, Serge Huant, S. Blaize, W. Geng, Proc. SPIE, V. 9545, Nanophotonic Materials XII; 95450Q, Oct. 2015.


> A fully static OCT sensor using a glass integrated optic chip bonded to a CCD linear camera

A. Morand, A. Warzecha, E. Ghibaudo, F. Thomas, P. Benech, E. Le Coarer, R. Puget, C. Bonneville, B Martin, C. Cassagnettes and D. Barbier ; Proc. SPIE Vol. 9365, Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies XIX, Feb. 2015.


> First Experimental Evidence of a Novel Multimode Pumping Scheme for an Erray of Rare-Earth Doped Waveguide Amplifiers and Lasers

V. Toccafondo, S. Faralli, F. Di Pasquale, C. Cassagnettes, S. Veyrat, and D. Barbier, Optical Fiber Communication Conference, paper OThI2, Mar. 2010.

> Ion-exchanged Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped waveguide amplifiers longitudinally pumped by broad area lasers

V. Donzella, V. Toccafondo, S. Faralli, F. Di Pasquale, C. Cassagnettes, D. Barbier, and H. Hernandez Figueroa, Optics Express, Vol. 18, Issue 12, pp. 12690-12701, (2010)


> Development of a ion-exchanged glass integrated optics DFB laser for a LIDAR application

L. Bastard , J.-E. Broquin, F. Gardillou, C. Cassagnettes, J.-P. Schlotterbeck, P. Rondeau, Proc. of SPIE Vol. 7218, Integrated Optics: Devices, Materials, and Technologies XIII, 721817, Feb. 2009.


> Passive and Active Glass Integrated Optics Devices

A. Kevorkian. In: Grote N., Venghaus H. (eds) Fibre Optic Communication Devices. Springer Series in Photonics, vol 4. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg. (2001)


> An eight-wavelength 160-km transparent metro WDM ring network featuring cascaded erbium-doped waveguide amplifiers

K.C. Reichmann, P.P. Iannone, M. Birk, N.J. Frigo, D. Barbier, C. Cassagnettes, T. Garret, A. Verlucco, S. Perrier and J. Philipsen, IEEE Photonics Technology Letters, Vol. 13, Issue 10, Oct. 2001.


> Luminescent properties of local atomic order of Er3+Er3+ and Yb3+Yb3+ions in aluminophosphate glasses

F. d’Acapito, S. Mobilio, P. Bruno, D. Barbier, and J. Philipsen, Journal of Applied Physics, Vol. 90, Issue 265, Apr. 2001


> Compact wide-band integrated optical power splitters

A. Mauriello, G. Perrone, I. Montrosset, P. Bruno and N. Krebs, Proceedings of the SPIE, Volume 4087, p. 211-217 (2000).


> Net gain of 16 dB with a 5.5 cm long Er-Yb Co-doped glass waveguide amplifier

P.  Bruno, D. Barbier, C. Cassagnettes, A. Kevorkian and R. L. Hyde, Advances in science and technology, vol. 27, pp. 239-242, 1999.


> Net gain of 27 dB with 8.6-cm-long Er/Yb doped glass planar amplifier

D. Barbier, P. Bruno, C. Cassagnettes, M. Trouillon, R. L. Hyde, A. Kevorkian, and J. M. P. Delavaux, in OFC Tech. Dig., 1998, pp. 45–48.