Standard and Customized

Arrayed Waveguide Gratings (AWG)

Teem Photonics offers customizable, AWG-based multiplexers and demultiplexers (MUX/DEMUX). The fields of application of these low PDL and cross-talk devices cover astronomical sensing, fiber optic sensing, datacenter interconnects, transport optical networks…

Our AWG components are all manufactured through our standard ion-exchange PLC process flow, and can therefore be integrated monolithically with any other building blocks from our PDK. Moreover, they can be straightforwardly embedded on our WAFT interposers for advanced PIC packaging schemes.

Contact us to benefit either from our ITU-compliant designs (CWDM, LWDM, DWDM) or for more customized components (very dense spacing, cyclical AWG, unconventional spectral bands…). The seamless ioNext process flow enables a  fast turnaround time and efficient design iterations.


Available AWG features

  • CWDM (10-20 nm spacing)
  • LWDM (5 nm spacing) or Custom Spacing
  • DWDM (200, 100, 50 GHz spacing and less)
  • Low coupling loss (<3 dB fiber-to-fiber)
  • High channel isolation (>25 dB)
  • Low polarization dispertion, polarization maintaining

Spectral bands

  • Standard C-band, O-band upon request
  • Unconventional SWIR custom designs (1200-2000 nm)
  • Visible or NIR designs also achievable

Integration and Packaging

  • AWG pigtailing with any fiber and connector type and channel count.
  • Monolihic integration with other building blocks (splitters, couplers, interferometers…)
  • Hybrid integration
  • Dicing at focal plane for free-space detection
  • Temperature stabilization

Contact us for further information or custom designs.