Why choose Teem Photonics lasers?

Our lasers bring a unique combination of performance, reliability and cost of ownership.


Performance is key to our success: we produce ultrashort pulse lasers  with pulse durations deep in the sub-ns range, down to 100 ps; lasers have very compact form factors and excellent beam characteristics, from the near Infra-Red down to 213 nm


Reliability is the supporting ally to sustain performance. Implementing well defined process flows and advanced designs, Teem Photonics passive-Q-switch technology and processes delivers a very low level of laser failures. We have also proven life times over 100,000 hours in the Infra-Red and over 20,000 hours in the UV.


Cost of ownership is an enabler for our volume customers, lasers are all air cooled, most don’t need fans, and electrical power efficiency is kept high, thus providing low running costs. Price is effective and benefits from overall volume.