Teem Photonics Launches PicoSpear Amplified Microchip Series

Teem Photonics announces the launch of the Amplified Microchip PicoSpear Series, a cutting-edge solution designed to meet the needs of high-precision applications across numerous industries. This series of lasers delivers sub-nanosecond pulses and high energy, making it ideal for tasks that demand both robustness and precision.

The PicoSpear Series stands out with its ability to produce ultra-short pulses, as short as 650 picoseconds, and maintain a high output power adjustable up to 500 mW. The series is designed to offer excellent beam quality with a Gaussian TEM00 profile and an M² value <1.3, ensuring superior performance for demanding applications.

Some of the key advantages of the PicoSpear Series are its compact design, which provides a smaller footprint, and the fact that these lasers are air-cooled and come in a sealed package, ensuring long-term durability and stability.

The PicoSpear Series is ideal for a variety of applications, including LiDAR, laser ranging, atmospheric monitoring, as well as PCB repair and micromachining .

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