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CMP and Teem Photonics Partnership on Glass Photonics Processes

Grenoble, and Meylan, France – January 28, 2020. Circuits Multi-Projets® (CMP) and TEEM Photonics have announced today that TEEM Photonics processes will now be made available for prototyping and low volume production through CMP.

teem photonics integrated optics service : optical design





The new agreement lets CMP offer to Universities, research labs, and industrial companies the access to design and manufacturing of photonics circuits on glass substrates. In addition, the offer comes with a wide range of coupling and packaging solutions that may be used for assembly of silicon-photonics chips and optical fiber. Devices like glass adapters (WAFT Waveguide Array for Fiber Transposer), can be available as a standard product or can be designed as a custom device.

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