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NEW 532nm Powerchip laser, triggerable up to 5kHz


The PNG-M01550 PowerChip™ passively Q-switched microchip laser is the newest addition of the Powerchip series at 532nm. With a pulse frequency of 5 kHz, a pulse duration kept under 500 ps and an excellent beam quality, this laser inherits an outstanding reliability and draws from the experience gathered from the wide OEM reach won by Powerchip lasers.

It features a completely integrated platform which includes the laser head, power supply and air cooling in a compact, rugged, and turnkey package.


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Family: PowerChip

Wavelength: 530 nm

Energy/Pulse: 15 µJ

Repetition rate: 5 kHz

Triggered: yes

Single frequency: no

Pulse duration: 500 ps

Average power: 75 mW

Peak power: 30 kW

Package: PNx



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