Laser heads

70 kHz Single Frequency Laser


The SNG-70F laser is part of the more advanced generation of Microchip Series designed for higher pulse repetition frequencies and short pulse durations. This laser first produces 1064nm pulses which are directly generated from the diode pumped passively Q-switched Nd:YAG microchip engine. A second harmonic generation stage produces the 532 nm radiation with a very good beam quality and lifetime.

Microchip lasers are also easy to operate and service; controllers can be used with every laser head model and swapped within minutes while keeping constant operating parameters.


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Family: MicroChip

Energy/Pulse: 0.2 µJ

Repetition rate: 65 kHz

Triggered: no

Single frequency: yes

Linewidth: 3 pm

Pulse duration: 550 ps

Average power: 13 mW

Peak power: 0.4 kW

Package: SNxII