Laser heads

1 Watt Compact MOFA Laser


The ANP-70F amplified laser is part of the new compact PicoOne laser platform. Based on a microchip seeder and an efficient MOFA (Master Oscillator Fiber Amplifier) amplification stage, this lasers produces 600 ps pulses of 1064 nm light at 70 kHz with an average power reaching 1 watt. The laser operates with a single emission frequency.


Family: PicoOne

Wavelength: 1064 nm

Energy/Pulse: 12 µJ

Repetition rate: 65 kHz

Triggered: no

Single frequency: yes

Linewidth: 2.8 pm

Pulse duration: 600 ps

Average power: 800 mW

Peak power: 20 kW

Package: ANx



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