Laser heads

1.75 Watt Compact MOFA Laser


The ANP-20E amplified laser is part of the new compact PicoOne laser platform. Based on a microchip seeder and an efficient MOFA (Master Oscillator Fiber Amplifier) amplification stage, this lasers produces 650 ps pulses of 1064 nm light at up to 100 kHz with an average power reaching 1.75 watt. The laser operates with a single emission frequency and produces a nearly Gaussian beam output.


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Family: PicoOne

Energy/Pulse: 25 µJ

Repetition rate: 70 kHz

Triggered: no

Single frequency: yes

Linewidth: 2.8 pm

Pulse duration: 650 ps

Average power: 1.75 W

Peak power: 38 kW

Package: ANx



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