Laser heads

Powerchip 213 nm Laser


The PND-M00204 is the newest laser of the PowerChip™ passively Q-switched microchip laser series; it transmits light at 213 nm through an advanced fifth harmonic conversion of the 1064 nm stage. Repetition rates are available at 100, 200 and 400 Hz.

It features a completely integrated platform which includes the laser head, power supply and air cooling in a compact, rugged, and turnkey package.


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Family: PowerChip

Wavelength: 213 nm

Energy/Pulse: 2 µJ

Repetition rate: 0.4 kHz

Triggered: no

Single frequency: no

Pulse duration: 500 ps

Average power: 8 mW

Peak power: 4 kW

Package: PNx


Ultra Violet Photodissociation

Mass Spectrometry

Laser Ablation

Raman Spectroscopy

Nano Structuring



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