WAFT interposers – Waveguide Array to Fiber Transposers

SSC – Spot Size Converters 



WAFT and SSC solutions provide record coupling efficiency between optical fiber arrays (V-grooves) and high-confinement Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs based on Si, SiN, InP…), in a packaging-ready footprint. Our interposer components are all based on Teem Photonics’ cost effictive and well-proven ioNext Waveguide process and cover any light coupling configuration.


WAFTs come in three versions covering all standard PIC optical coupling architectures:

  • EC-WAFTs (edge-coupling) combine Spot Size Converters (SSC) with Fiber Spacing Concentrators (FSC), allowing efficient, broadband and polarization-insensitive light injection into edge couplers, as well as a reduction of the I/O footprint.
  • TC-WAFTs (top-coupling) combine FSCs with a deflection mirror at the tip, enabling low-footprint and low-profile injection into grating couplers.
  • EV-WAFTs (evanescent coupling) combine the advantages of the above architectures, allowing for broadband and polarization-diverse optical coupling, while being compatible with passive alignment.

Fiber Spacing Concentrator and Spot Size Converter principle:

Key features

  • Number of optical ports up to 256
  • Optical pitch down to 15 µm
  • Custom shaping available
  • Benefit from Teem’s expertise in integrated photonics



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