The ioNext Optical Waveguide Platform

Glass-based Photonic Integrated Circuits or PLCs

Teem Photonics offers Photonic Integrated Circuits based on its reliable, versatile and cost-effective ioNext platform.

Teem’s specific ion-exchange process enables robust manufacturing of glass-based photonic integrated circuits (PICs), also called PLCs (Planar Lightwave Circuits) in a record turnaround time of 4 weeks and with attractive prototyping costs. Our waveguide team can help you tailor your requirements into customer-defined PLCs such as AWGs or into innovative solutions for integrated photonics packaging  with the  SSC and WAFT series.

Teem provides integrated photonics solutions to worldwide-based customers active in Datacom & Telecom, Integrated Sensing, Biomedical, Autonomous Vehicle, Energy, Defense.& Space…

The ioNext process flow, simplicity is elegance:



Specific Features

Low propagation

< 0.15 dB/cm

Short bend radius

< 1 mm

Low SMF coupling loss

< 0.2 dB

Low polarisation
dependent loss

< 0.1 dB

Intrinsically PM

PER > 20dB

MFD engineering

From 3 to 10 µm

Large operation band

400-2000 nm