Picomove Interferometer

Teem Photonics has developed and offers a new line of
compact, stable and high performance interferometers for the
measurement of picometer scale displacements and vibrations.

The PicoMove interferometers from Teem Photonics are based on single chip integration of a high stability architecture which results in measurements with an intrinsic ultra-low noise.

The eye-safe 1.55µm operating wavelength provides compatibility with commercial Telecom sources.

The sensor design also handles visible wavelengths to ease the optical beam alignment. Teem proposes packaging options with low thermal expansion material and for UHV environment. Electrical parts of the measurement system (laser source, detectors) are remote through reliable fiber pigtailing. 

Teem Photonics Picomove Interferometer



  • In the PicoMove design, the laser beam is split into two arms: a reference arm with a constant length and a measurement arm that is reflected on the moving object.


  • The length of this latter arm varies with the position of the moving object.


  • Two signals with π/2 phase shift as well as two reference signals enable a full displacement computation.


Application note

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