WAFT Waveguide Interface Products

Advanced WAFT (Waveguide Array to Fiber Transposer) devices from Teem Photonics provide the highest fiber-to-chip coupling efficiency between standard Mode Field Diameter optical fibers and more compact silicon photonics waveguides.

  • WAFTs thus combine 3D Mode Field Diameter (MFD) converters with Fiber Spacing Concentrators (FSC), allowing both efficient coupling and footprint reduction of I/O channels from Si-Pho PICs.
  • Edge Coupling WAFTs enable the largest wavelength window of operation
  • Top Coupling WAFTs provide multichannel full compatibility with standard optical gratings I/Os.

Key features

  • Output mode size 4 x 3 µm
  • Optical pitch down to 10 µm
  • Number of optical ports up to 256
  • Chip can be shaped