Integrated optics

Teem Photonics offers PIC Photonics Integrated Circuit solutions based on its reliable, versatile and cost effective IoNext platform.

Its specific ion-exchange process enables high confinement and variable confinement optical waveguides. These can be tailored into standard and advanced integrated optics products such as the innovative WAFT series solutions for Silicon Photonics Interfacing. The ioNext technology also allow functions such as splitters, couplers, Taps, Mux/Demux, polarizers and custom devices.

Teem provides worldwide clients for many applications in Datacom & Telecom, Integrated Sensing, Bio-medical, Autonomous Vehicle, Energy, Defense and Science applications.

Specific Features

Low propagation

< 0.1 dB/cm

Low dending

< 1 mm

Low single mode fiber
coupling loss

< 0.2 dB

Low polarisation
dependant losses

< 0.05 dB

Intrinsic polarisation
maintaining behavior

PER > 30dB

Easy mode size engineering
(SM and MM operation)

From 3 to 30 µm

Large optical 
bandwidth range

400-2100 nm