A flurry of new laser solutions presented to the market. 

Teem Photonics uniquely delivers attractive cost of ownership, compact size and high grade reliability to the world of ultrashort pulse lasers. 


We are pleased to introduce a significant extension of the product range with a group of 4 innovative solutions for Photonics West 2016:

  • Microchip SLM version series, a true single longitudinal mode laser with 70 - 100 kHz repetition rates and down to 500 ps pulse duration.

  • PicoMega & PicoOne, two versions of our new multiwatt amplified laser platform, with either more energy per pulse or 1 MHz repetition rate in IR with <200 ps pulse duration.

  • Powerchip 213 nm, the extended UV version of the well known range

  • Microchip 2 µm, a new compact mid-IR evolution.


Come meet us at Photonics West 2016, Feb 16-18 booth #723

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