Teem Photonics products 

Teem Photonics is the world leader in passively Q-switched microlasers for industrial use. Teem Photonics also proposes customized ion-exchange integrated optics for advanced systems and applications.


A broad range of passive Q-switched microlasers:

Teem Photonics proposes the largest standard offer of passive Q-switched microlasers. These are diode pumped solid state lasers that are distinctive for their subnanosecond pulses allowing to achieve the highest peak powers.

Find your solution in our full range of products :
30 different models with additional options grouped by wavelength :

1064, 1535, 1938 nm




532 nm



213, 266 & 355 nm 



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3D Micro Fabrication System:

Teem Photonics,  introduces its new 3D Micro Fabrication Module, allowing the realization of micro objects for various applications, as :

  • Cellular Biology,
  • Biotechnology,
  • Microfluids,
  • Microoptics,
  • Microbiology,
  • Microelectronics,
  • Micromechanics,
  • Micro chemistry,
  • etc...