Features & benefits

Ultrashort pulses
As low as 300ps durations

High peak power
Up to 200kW per pulse

Variety of frequency options
Free running up to 130kHz
Fixed frequency to 4kHz
Triggerable to 2kHz

Excellent beam quality
Gaussian, TEM00, M²≤1.2

Efficient, air cooled
Typically dissipates <10W from laser head and consumes <20W

Extremely long life
High reliability pump diode, specialty optics, and sealed package contribute to MTTF up to over 20 years and expected lifetimes exceeding up to 30,000 hours (consult factory for details)

 Licensed Technology
- Exclusive license on Passively Q-switched Picosecond microchip lasers: US Patent 5394413
- License on fiber lasers and amplifiers: US Patent 5818630

Optional features

Single mode and Multimode fiber coupling

Photodiode output for synchronization

Manual controls for CDRH compliance

Collimation for UV lasers


A broad range of passive Q-switched microlasers:

Teem Photonics proposes the largest standard offer of passively Q-switched microlasers

These diode pumped microchip solid state lasers are distinctive for their subnanosecond pulses allowing to achieve the highest peak powers out of compact and rugged packages.

Find your solution in our full range of products:

30 different models with additional options grouped in 4 main families: Microchip, Powerchip, Picospark, Picoflash. 

  • Available at eye-safe, near infrared, green, and ultraviolet frequencies,
  • Peak power up to 200kW,
  • Repetition rate up to 130kHz,
  • Cost efficient,
  • Compact,
  • Sealed or unsealed,
  • Exclusive patents,
  • Highly reliable with multi years warranty option,
  • Proposed with a set of controllers with 3 different packaging.


Options proposed:

  • Collimation for UV lasers
  • Single mode or Multimode fibering
  • Synchronisation output  for SNxII Microchip series 
  • Several optimization options for externally triggered lasers. 
  • CDRH compliance



Wondering how to choose the right model?

The laser finder will help you to find out your pulsed laser solution.

If you cannot find the specifications you need off-the-shelf, simply let us know and we’ll come back to you shortly. 

Teem Photonics lasers performance at-a-glance:

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