Features & benefits

Ultrashort pulses

As low as 300ps durations

High peak power

Up to 280kW per pulse

Variety of frequency options

Free running up to 130kHz
Fixed frequency to 4kHz
Triggerable to 2kHz

Excellent beam quality

Gaussian, TEM00, M²≤1.2

Efficient, air cooled

Typically dissipates <10W from laser head and consumes <20W

Extremely long life

High reliability pump diode, specialty optics, and sealed package contribute to MTTF up to over 20 years and expected lifetimes exceeding up to 30,000 hours (consult factory for details)

 Licensed Technology

- Exclusive license on Passively Q-switched Picosecond microchip lasers:
US Patent 5394413

- License on fiber lasers and amplifiers: 
US Patent 5818630

Optional features

Connector receptacled for multimode fiber coupling

Photodiode output for synchronization

Manual controls for CDRH compliance


532nm green laser series:

 Teem Photonics proposes the largest standard offer of passively Q-switched microlasers

These diode pumped microchip solid state lasers are distinctive for their subnanosecond pulses allowing to achieve the highest peak powers out of compact and rugged packages.

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New 532 products: 


We are pleased to release a significant extension of the product range with a group of innovative solutions :


  • With Microchip SLM version series, true single longitudinal mode operation is now extended to a whole new range of lasers.


  • Microchip SNG-100P series combines 5µJ/pulse and 20 kHz of pulse repetition frequency at 532 nm, with sub-ns pulse duration.


  • Microchip CNG-70F series, LIDAR special, a very compact yet advanced 532 nm specially tailored for lightweight small form factor applications.


  • PicoOne amplified laser platform reaches 100 kHz and 30 kW peak power!


  • PicoMega version achieves 1 MHz pulse rate and <100 ps pulse duration!




Microchip MNx 532nm series:

Teem Photonics MNG series are our most compact 532 nm microchip lasers. They integrate the pump diode, the micro-cavity and even the second harmonic generation crystal  in a package less than 7cm long.

The 1064nm engine produces sub-nanosecond pulses with several kW peak power, achieving over 50% second harmonic generation efficiency at 532nm. 

The controllers allow the user to drive the laser emission on and off, but also to remotely monitor the laser status.  



532 nm MicroChip SNG and STG series:



For generating high peak power green pulses of a few hundred picoseconds, microchip lasers are economical, compact, and reliable.  The 532nm pulses are produced by harmonic conversion from the IR systems, the same compact sealed package being used for either wavelength. Microchips are also easy to operate and service ; controllers can be used with every laser head model and swapped within minutes while conserving constant performances.

The SNG series are designed for high average power, delivering multi-kW peak power at repetition rates up to 70kH.

The triggered STG series offer the highest peak power and shortest pulses of the entire Microchip family. With these devices, the user is able to trigger pulse emission on demand from single-shot to 4kHz using the dedicated MP1 controller series.



PowerChip PNx-M 532nm series:


The PowerChip™ passively Q-switched MicroChip lasers offer  the highest peak powers and shortest pulses at kilohertz repetition rates with an excellent beam quality. They feature a completely integrated platform which includes the laser head, power supply and air cooling in a compact, rugged, and turnkey package. 


Furthermore, the PowerChip is a completely integrated platform which includes the laser head, power supply and air cooling in a compact, rugged, turnkey package.




PicoSpark™ 532nm:


The PicoSpark™ series combines multi-watt output level with high repetition rate and exceptional pulse characteristics to provide the best price/quality ratio for micromachining application. 

Passively Q-Switched (PQS) microchip laser technology and fiber amplification are brought together, delivering pulses with hundreds of kilowatt peak power and hundreds of gigawatt per square centimeter power density in a sealed and air-cooled compact package.

This Master Oscillator Fiber Amplifier (MOFA) architecture notably offers a full control over the pulse energy (or peak power) while leaving unchanged the pulse width and pulse shape

The Picospark™ HNG series emits 3.5W at 532nm, generated by harmonic conversion with a typical M2 lower than 1.1.



Wondering how to choose the right model?

 The laser finder will help you to find out your pulsed laser solution. 


Applications : Find your laser devive

  • Instrumentation
  • Biophotonics
  • Biohazard detection
  • Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Materials processing
  • Micro dissection
  • Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF)
  • Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR)
  • Micromachining
  • Marking
  • Health Sciences


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