For a wide range of applications, Teem Photonics Microchips laser help improving the quality control on your process.
Cost efficiency, compact and rugged package, and excellent energy stability are the key advantages of our sub-ns lasers for sensing applications (Laser Induced-Fluorescence, Distributed Temperature Sensing, ..), while the fiber coupling option brings the integration capacity even further.

From oil thickness characterization in steelworks to temperature sensing in oil fields, numerous industrial characterization systems - used 24/7 in the harshest environments - are already designed around these microchips.

Moreover, the UV (355nm)/DUV (266nm) microchip series offer the opportunity to implement such short wavelengths into cost demanding environments: wafer production photoluminescence control, on-line LIBS measurement device …


Suitable Laser Devices  for sensing applications
λ in nm ProductPulse Energy Rep Rate Pulse Width 
1064   SNP-08E >8µJ >5kHz <1ns
1064   SNP-20F >7µJ >19kHz <1ns
1064   SNP-40F >4µJ >37kHz <1ns
532   SNG-03E >3µJ >5kHz <750ps
532   SNG-20F >2.5µJ >19kHz <750ps
355   SNV-20F >0.5µJ >19kHz <600ps
355   PNV-M02510 >25µJ <1kHz <350ps
266   SNU-02P >0.3µJ >6kHz <600ps
266   SNU-20F >0.5µJ >19kHz <600ps

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