Compared to well-established technology like semiconductor lasers, Teem Photonics lasers brings your scanning system to higher resolution and sensitivity regions thanks to their naturally high peak power, while preserving its economical figure.

Their compact and sealed design withstands harsh and diverse operating environments, while their very low consumption makes them easy to power on portable or airborne devices. 1064nm and 532nm microchip are well fitted to atmospheric LIDARs applications, when their 355nm or 266nm counterparts preferably find uses in threat detection.

Finally, the 1535nm product line fits applications where eye-safe region laser operation is required.



Suitable Laser Devices  for scanning applications
λ in nm ProductPulse Energy Rep Rate Pulse Width 
1064   SNP-08E >8µJ >5kHz <1ns
1064   PNP-M08010 >80µJ <1kHz <500ps
1064   XNP-130F >25µJ >130kHz <1.4ns
532   SNG-03E >3µJ >5kHz <750ps
355   PNV-M02510 >25µJ <1kHz <350ps
1535   MNE-06E >6µJ >2kHz <3.5ns


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