Material processing

For material processing even more than in other areas, Teem Photonics products offer picosecond class laser solutions at nanosecond economics.

The narrow heat-affected-zone (HAZ) that may be generated with some materials is indeed negligible for a majority of applications. Picospark™ and PicoFlash™ series short sub-ns pulsewidth, stable, high repetition rate pulse trains are perfectly fitted to metal surface patterning and selective ablation of thin films (TCO patterning, LLO,..), or more generally high resolution micromachining processes.
UV (355nm) and DUV (266nm) laser series can process virtually any type of materials and help minimizing your process quality dependence on the material itself.

On an economical basis, thanks to its patented technology, Teem Photonics lasers readily provide among the greatest value for money. Their industrially proven rugged design, low consumption and zero maintenance need will also assure a minimum cost of ownership. As an example, PicoSpark™ high power amplified lasers are 5 times less expensive than comparable picosecond lasers: they are the best choice to minimize cost without compromising quality.


Suitable Laser Devices  for material processing applications
λ in nm ProductPulse Energy Rep Rate Pulse Width 
1064   PNP-M08010 >80µJ <1kHz <500ps
1064   XNP-130F >25µJ >130kHz <1.4ns
1064   HNP-50F >100µJ >45kHz < 750ps
532   PNG-M04005 >40µJ <500Hz <400ps
532   HNG-50F >60µJ >45kHz < 650ps
355   PNV-M02510 >25µJ <1kHz <350ps
355   XNV >5µJ >130kHz <1ns
266   PNU-M01510 >15µJ <1kHz <350ps


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