When it comes to cost-effective high end solution, Teem Photonics lasers have their say on marking.

The PicoFlash™ series brings the cost-of-ownership for high-end plain black marking on metals down to the cost figure of standard fiber lasers, making it ideally fitted for biomedical equipment marking, consumer electronic fine marking or luxury industries branding. For even tighter price constraints, the microchip laser series are already getting to this level of quality at a minimum cost for the user. Additionally, the long-pulse microchip series is already widely spread among the diamond industry as the reference source for gem marking.

Last but not least, compact deep-UV (266nm) microchips offer a portable and cost effective alternative to excimer based marking processes like gem traceability or eye-glass anticounterfeit marking.



Suitable Laser Devices  for marking applications
λ in nm ProductPulse Energy Rep Rate Pulse Width 
1064   SNP-7PW > 18µJ >13kHz >3ns
1064   XNP-130F >25µJ >130kHz <1.4ns
266   SNU-02P >0.3µJ >6kHz <600ps

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