In a continuously shrinking environment, Teem Photonics lasers will provide the core technology to increase your process spatial resolution while conserving its cost competiveness.

Thanks to their intrinsic stable pointing, high peak power and short sub-ns pulses, Microchip lasers are the perfect tools for precise repair of PCB or pixel correction on LCD or FPD devices.

Besides, their compact and low consumption package makes them easy to mount on moving heads, and the broad range of wavelength available will help matching your process need. Green 532nm wavelength is well known to be efficiently removing reflective metals (copper, silver, ..); UV (355nm) and DUV (266nm) products are the best sellers for organic materials processing.




Suitable Laser Devices  for electronics applications
λ in nm ProductPulse Energy Rep Rate Pulse Width 
532   SNG-03E >3µJ >5kHz <750ps
355   PNV-M02510 >25µJ <1kHz <350ps
355   XNV >5µJ >130kHz <1ns
266   SNU-20F >0.5µJ >19kHz <600ps


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