Capabilities & Services

TEEM’s ioNext platform presents a wide range of capabilities from optical design to packaging and includes foundry, chip shaping and polishing, pigtailing, tests and assembly.


Optical Design

 Optical Design Capabilities



Teem Photonics makes available a wide optical design library to the IonEx platform and offers optimization of optical circuits footprint.


This capability can be tailored to your design requirements and be provided either with .gds files or with manufactured photomask with 0,05µm resolution.








Based on optical design, Teem Photonics can manufacture glass wafers or bare chips to fit your requirements. The ioNext platform comprises equipments dedicated to the production of integrated optical devices and our wide portfolio of waveguide manufacturing processes can address single-mode or multimode applications from visible to NIR wavelengths.


Dicing, Polishing, Chip Shaping

Chip Shaping & Polishing



Teem Photonics provides dicing and polishing capabilities for a wide range of integrated optics wafers and chips.


The dicing precision is better than a few microns in position and 0.1° in angle with blades thickness from 70µm to 2mm.


Optical quality is guaranteed for edge polishing.


Custom chip shaping is available on request







Optical Testing

Chip Shaping & Polishing

TEEM can perform characterization and optical testing on most integrated optics devices.


Temperature and humidity cycling chambers are also available for reliability purpose.


Tests can be performed on bare chips or pigtailed devices at wavelengths ranging from 400nm to 1700nm.










Pigtailing, Chips Assembly

Pigtailing & Assembly


 TEEM has a strong skill set in fiber pigtailing with all types of optical fibers (single-mode, multimode, polarization-maintaining) and with single port ferules or multiport V-grooves (up to 128 ports).


This capability extends to the assembly of photonics integrated circuits.


We can handle fiber-to-chip or chip-to-chip connections for high power applications and for high-temperature environment.







TEEM can provide compact and smart packaging solutions.