The ioNext Platform


The ioNext industrial platform from Teem Photonics is a planar lightwave circuits (PLC) platform on glass substrate. Associated with standard layer deposition and lithography methods, this platform implements an ion-exchange technology developed for more than 20 years. It is based on a custom glass which has been specially optimized for the manufacturing of optical waveguides with low propagation loss and high confinement, low PDL and high PER for telecom applications. The first standard manufacturing process was dedicated to the realization of waveguides with mode field diameter (MFD) perfectly fitted to the one of standard telecom fibers to provide very low loss components like splitters, couplers and Taps.

More recently, substantial in-house development works led to the widening of our waveguides portfolio. As described on the following table, Teem is now able to offer the manufacturing of optical waveguides with various MFD, refractive index contrast, operating bandwidth and even interaction with the glass surface. The versatility of the ion-exchange technology is such that all these parameters can be tuned along the waveguide path. This is one of the major advantage and differentiation of this ioNext platform over other photonics integrated circuits (PIC) platforms. 

 IonEx features


Along with the development of the manufacturing process, Teem photonics has expending its capabilities and expertise in:


- optical design to provide new optical functions and components like duplexer, polarizers, mode converters (implemented in the WAFT component), interferometers,...


- pigtailing, assembly and packaging to be able to manage the whole production line of PIC components as well as to hasten the development process for our customers.