Advanced Integrated Optics Products


IonEx Standard Products

Teem has been manufacturing, pigtailing and packaging splitters, couplers, Taps and fiber spacing concentrators (FSCs) applications for more than 15 years.

These 1550 nm devices present low insertion loss, excellent port-to-port uniformity, low PDL and return loss and high optical bandwidth. We offer pigtailing with either single-mode (SM) or polarization-maintaining (PM) fibers with a number of ports up to 128, and show a high extinction ratio and low crosstalk. 


More recently, Teem has introduced new optical functions such as optical mode converters, polarizers and an advanced interferometric head.




WAFTs, FSCs, mode converters



The Waveguide Array to Fiber Transposer (WAFT) is a combination of a FSC (Fiber Spacing Concentrator) and optical mode converters: it efficiently connects an array of tightly confined Si Photonics or InP waveguides to a corresponding array of wider core single mode fibers. 


TEEM offers a full line of bare and pigtailed WAFT products with various port numbers, output pitch and output mode size. Chip shaping options are also available to reduce the glass chip footprint.


FSC DesignFiber spacing concentrators (FSCs) devices are a very effective way to adapt the pitch of standard V-grooves to the pitch of your waveguide array chip. It can also be used as an optical power concentrator.


Teem can provide bare or pigtailed FSCs with a number of port up to 128 and custom output pitch down to 15µm. The operating wavelength can be tuned from 500 nm to 1700nm with large single-mode windows. Teem can also adjust the shape the FSC chip to reduce its footprint.


The flexibility of the IonEx platform offers the capability to produce waveguides with an optical mode size varying along the propagation. The transitions are adiabatic (additional loss < 0.1dB) and relatively short.  


Mode Converter Principle

On this basis, Teem proposes bare or pigtailed mode converter chips with input mode size adapted to SMF28 or PM1550 fibres and output mode size as low as 4 x 3µm.

Teem’s mode converter is a compact and competitve alternative to lensed fibres for the connection of confined photonics waveguides (Si, InP,Si3N4,...)








PicoMove Series


Based on its ioNext platform, Teem has developed a new compact, ultra-stable, reliable, and high performances interferometer for the measurement of picometric displacements and vibrations.


The main applications are calibration and metrology of high-precision position sensors and equipments, sismology, vibrometry, high-precision refractive index measurement,...


Teem propose a full line of PicoMove interferometers with various package materials, footprint and optical configurations. We also offer a version compatible with UHV environment.







Splitters, Couplers, Taps


Teem can provide splitters and couplers with any ratio from 90/10 to 50/50 and with a ratio accuracy of 1%. Ratios between 99/1 and 90/10 will be provided with Tap devices. 





Teem offers an optical polarizer based on a leaky-mode approach that can lead to very high extinction ratio chips (>30dB) and 30 to 50nm bandwidth around 1550nm. Polarizer chips can be provided in bare or PM-fibre pigtailed configuration. Teem also offers the function in matrix version.