Integrated Optical Circuits

"A little piece of glass can change everything"

Teem Photonics offers integrated optical solutions based on its reliable, versatile and cost effective IoNext platform. Developed over more than 20 years, this platform is based on an ion-exchange process on glass wafers. 

We deliver standard and advanced integrated optics products: splitters, couplers, Taps, Mux/Demux, polarizers, custom devices, interferometers and innovative solutions for Silicon Photonics connection to fibres.
We also offer capabilities in optical design, fibre and chip assembly and packaging.

Based on the ioNext platform, Teem provides worldwide clients for many applications in Telecom, Bio-medical, Transport, Energy, Defence, Science,…
Let us know your need and we will show you how a little piece of glass can change everything.

Typical features: 

IonEx features